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Real time PCR to determine CYP6 expression levels in Anopheles albimanus.
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  • pamelap,
  • Mabel Taracena,
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  • npadilla

Corresponding Author:pamelap@uvg.edu.gt

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Mabel Taracena
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Tropical diseases are a common threat worldwide, and in Latin America the combination of geographical and socio-economical conditions have turned the region specially vulnerable to vector borne diseases. Anopheles albimanus is the predominant Malaria vector in Central America and the Caribbean. In Guatemala alone XX number of cases of Malaria were reported on the last year, and that number could be severely underestimated due to a poor surveillance and health care systems.  Since XXXX, local and international resources have been dedicated to control mosquito populations using insecticides such as pyrethroids, for their efficiency and residual life. However, the