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  • Mesrop

Corresponding Author:mesrop.andriasyan@polimi.it

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The housing problem of people that suffered from natural or anthropogenic disasters and were internally or externally displaced is a subject of investigation and has a lot of different aspects to be improved. Some of the main structural materials that act in the composition of the emergency shelters are various fabrics. The main responders to the emergency are the people that are actually affected by it. Also, almost all of the construction works are carried out by the same people that are not skilled and do not possess any special equipment or tools. In this regard, the solutions need to be high performance and very low tech. Emergency responses vary a lot by the means of support and provided materials. One of the few things that are widely used in every emergency response is the multipurpose plastic sheeting and other membranes. However, the structural and thermo-acoustical potential of those materials for the tailored use of emergency response are not investigated yet. Due to its wide accessibility, low cost and versatility it has a potential to yield much more use rather than it's being executed now. This research will investigate available fabrics used in the emergency for their potential and will develop solutions with the better thermo-acoustical outcome.