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A Quantitative Study on Climate Variability and Malnutrition in Fiji. 
  • Vakaruru Cavuilati,
  • Arindam Basu
Vakaruru Cavuilati
University of Canterbury

Corresponding Author:vcavuilati@gmail.com

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Arindam Basu
University of Canterbury
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Climate change has a significant effect on human health manifested by the increasing number of cases of climate-sensitive diseases. Europe and North America have experienced increasing number of deaths from heat waves, while in the Pacific there have been frequent outbreaks of dengue, leptospirosis, diarrhoea and typhoid. Climate change manifestation through extreme weather events have caused substantial loss of infrastructure and also the agricultural sector in Fiji which has increased the risk of malnutrition in the country.
This study aims to examine the relationship between climate variability and the prevalence of malnutrition in Fiji between January 2006 and December 2016. The study also examines the specific aspects of climate variability and malnutrition during the same period.