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EFB is a byproduct of the palm oil production process and has recently been used as a power plant fuel. In general, the water content of un-dried EFB is very high, 60-70%, for use as fuel for power plants. The use of high water content EFB as a fuel for the plant reduces the efficiency of the boiler and therefore the drying process is essential. Drying increases the heating value and boiler efficiency, but it is a trade-off relationship that consumes both cost and energy. It is therefore important to dry properly. The purpose of this study is to model an EFB 10 MW power plant that integrates economic feasibility studies to find optimal drying conditions. A hot air dryer was used to utilize steam from the power plant. The water content of the dried EFB could be the same under different conditions. (Optimum drying condition is more suitable for describing trade-off relationship than optimal term.) Optimum drying condition was when steam reuse ratio was 25%, drying time was 22 minutes and water content was 9.79% at optimum point . The cost was reduced by 5.75% compared to non drying.