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Energy And Buildings Template
  • Shreyans Surana
Shreyans Surana

Corresponding Author:suranashreyans033@gmail.com

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Environmental concerns are a big threat to almost all the parts of most of the countries in the world, especially with the growing size of infrastructure. There is a need for attention towards structures with respect to their impact on the environment. The present study is an attempt to assess the ecological imbalance, environmental impacts, and reduction in the overall lifetime of the buildings. Largely, the ecological imbalance is due to the emission of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere which triggers global warming. The present study also uses Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a tool to address the major environmental concerns in the construction of residential buildings. SimaPro 8.4 is used to assess and verify the overall performance of the project in terms of its maintenance and quality. Also, the amount of CO2 generated due to use of machinery for construction was found to be 3485.01 and the CO2 emissions due to the manufacturing of building materials were 18629.021 tonnes and were compared with alternate databases. The percentage difference in the value of CO2 emissions when an alternate database was used, was found to be 27%. The embodied energy associated with this building was also calculated and it was found to be 15.65 TJ. An actual building case study constructed using pure cement was chosen to apply the concepts of LCA and compare the results with the alternative materials.