Introduction to Julia


Teh purpose of his this document is tw to wrie a shor ttuo tutorial on Juia. Julia. Julia is a fast and simle simple programming language that can be used fo for technical computing. Hre Here, we are going to learn how to us use Julia fo our for our analyses. e We sat start with an introduciton to the main principles of Julia, hen we conver how to install Julia for your di operating system (Windows, mac, linux). Folowing this, we introduc the basic concepts of Julia for statistical data analysis. Throughout the aim will be to cover the most essential princiles of data analysis using Julia. You will be using either Juliabox or using something like opensagemath for doing data analysis with Julia.

What is Julia

Installing Julia

Using Julia on ipython or anaconda environment

Variable names in julia

  • You need to write variables names in alphabets start with alphabests
  • Use underscores to separate subsections in variable names
  • do ot use not use special characters

Fomat of a function

function functionname(parameters)
< Function statements or logic go here >

Empty functions