Parental Engagement and Alcohol Consumption among Adolescents in Sri Lanka

Essential Points about Authorea

Just wanted to write a few essential notes about using Authorea:

  1. It's generally not a good idea to copy paste from Word to Authorea. But it is OK to that the other way round. That is, you can write here, and then from here you can copy paste pretty much everything to Word, and can share with others.
  2. It is a good idea to start writing here and do he entire writing bit here. it is "bare bones", in the sense it has just citation, bold, italic, lists (two types), quote marks, links and three levels of headings. That's all you need. if you need to include tables or figures import your data of tables as figure and figure as figure and then open a new section.
  3. For each new thought open a new section and start writing. Which will normally mean that you will click on "+text" next to a section and start writing.
  4. If you need to add a figure, just add a figure.
  5. If you need to add a table, copy the table as a figure and add the table (you can select part of a screen in your word document containing the table as a figure and then copy it to the clipboard and then here, paste it)
  6. The last bit is about referencing.

How to Reference in Authorea

  1. The best way to synchronise Endnote with Authorea is to export the Endnote references from Endnote to BibTeX format.
  2. Endnote has bibliography styles where you can export your references from Endnote. Use the bibliography styles to export the file as bibtex file and save with the name "biblio.bib".
  3. Then, here, in Authorea, you import the bibliography file by uploading in the file space.
  4. You can upload any file by clickiing on the "folder" looking icon (see on the top of this page)
  5. Once your bibtex file is inside Authorea, click on "cite", and then click on search ("search locally"). You can search using search terms such as author's name, title, etc. A list of articles and resources will be shown in the text box below.
  6. Click cite next to the article and Authorea will correctly cite it for you.
  7. Beyond this, there are other ways of citing as well, for instance using an external bibtex file (if you search Google Scholar, you can download a bibtex file for your search records), or you can search directly from Authorea itself (the bibliography management module of Author