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How to write a research proposal: guidelines and a template 
  • Arindam Basu
Arindam Basu
University of Canterbury

Corresponding Author:arin.basu@gmail.com

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Here I describe what I expect from you when you write a research proposal for the class. Treat this both as a guide and as a template. The research proposal will have five components: an abstract (this), an introduction to the topic, methods and plans of analyses, and a section on implications or significance of the study (significance) of the study you propose. Write the proposal in simple English using nouns and verbs mostly; if you have to use jargons, first define the jargon and then use it everywhere. Where possible, obtain and provide data analyses and tables and graphs; cite every statement of fact to indicate the source of the argument. Write within 3000 words. The 3000 word limit will include the following: title of the paper, the abstract section, the section on introduction, the methods section (population and methods), and the significance section (“significance” section). The word count does not include the following: words contained in tables, figures, references. If you want to submit appendix, submit the appendix as a separate single file. Follow this document as a template. You can write directly here after creating an account in Authorea and “forking” this article. You can also use the word document template and work there directly.