Excellent interface now. Remains to be seen if it is geared towards long form writing and how versatile it has become now. As you say, Double click anywhere on the text to start writing. In addition to simple text you can also add text formatted in boldface, italic, and yes, math too: \(E=mc^{2}\)! Add images by drag’n’drop or click on the ”Insert Figure” button.

I am specifically going to test how easy is it to write hyperlinks, lists, tables, insert figures, and citations. If I find these are really easy to do so, I will continue.

Inserting Hyperlinks and Lists

Insertion of hyperlinks and lists is easy. It can be intuitive.

  1. 1.

    Here is one item of a bulleted list

  2. 2.

    Here is another item

  • Here is one item of a bulletted list

  • here is another

Using a new text block that allows LaTeXallows for easy insertion of text. Essentially plain text can be written relatively easily and simply. it’s time for leaving this and then start another block section to see how easy it is to add hyperlink for Google Search Engine .