Construct and buddhist mindfulness


The purpose of this presentation is to provide a brief overview of the tension between the so-called construct or trait mindfulness as used in the therapies and the origins of the Buddhist mindfulness (Anapanasati and Satipathana Sutra based mindfulness ascribed to the teachings of The Buddha) and later on Tibetan practices of Attention, Shamatha, and vipassana meditation. We shall see that while these practices are somewhat overlapping, the modern tendency to ascribe biological and other properties to these ancient practices that deviate from their original meanings can be problematic, as referred to the works of Zizek and others. We shall further review the literature around the effectiveness and biological plausibility of the mindfulness practice and we shall argue that there may be other factors that may underlie the reported effectivness of these practices. We shall highlight the necessity of reading closely the Buddhist texts to gain a deeper understanding of these processes and hence the relevance of delving into the de Jong archives not only for Buddhist scholars but also for the modern day practitioners who would intend to ”use” the mindfulness meditation in a more ”secular” context for therapeutic applications.

Mindfulness Meditation

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