Construct and Buddhist Mindfulness: lessons we may derive from De Jong Archives


The purpose of this presentation is to is to discuss an overlap between construct mindfulness (trait mindfulness) used in clinical literature and the notion of Buddhist mindfulness as described in the Suttas in Buddhist literature and compare and contrast the two. in doing this work, we may seek the help from de Jong Archives maintained at the Unviersity of Cantebrury. In this paper, we first discuss the notion of mindfulness as discusesd in the clinical literature and then we describe the notion of mindfulenss as described in Mahayana and Theravada literature, and other ways of open awareness meditations that have been the centrepiece of buddhist Buddhist philosophy. As the tenstion between secular mindfulness and Buddhist mindfulness grows or is an issue n the practical applications in psychological literature, we sahll rview this in our discussions and see if how we may reconcile the two from a reading of the Suttas or Buddhist literature.

Construct Mindfulness

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