Authorea's New Editor and Design Principles

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Test header 1 Test header 2
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Getting to know the new editor

The table works just fine if you use a LaTeXwriting block but it does not work as well if you were to use the Markdown formatted writing environment. For most intent and purposes, a LaTeXblock is probably the best option to work wth the ne new wedit d edt editor of Authorea. Excelent effort and now with integration with TheWinnower, looks really good!

Authorea's new editor has a beautiful nice, pleasing, clean look. Works on every browser in the same way. From the top, you start with a good, clean editor bar. Automatically saves the writing. Great export features. The markdown editor works very responsively with Firefox when I tested. Will test with other browsers in other systems to see how it works. Three levels of headers. Quote, citation support (more on that later). Links, formula editor, three levels of writing environment support, LaTeX, Markdown, and HTML. All in all, several desirable features already in there. Love it.

A clean, nice writing environment with new fonts. Will test four features:

  • Writing lists
  • Writing tables
  • Writing and bringing in figures
  • Spellcheckers and Grammar checkers
  • Citations

Notes on Writing Lists

One desirable feature would be to have the lists written first in single lines. Then, when I select the list and click on the list element on the top. If I do this, ideally, the editor should be able to put the list. It does not do so at the moment but if it were able to do that, it'd be great. I suppose that feature would be beneficial for all concerned as that would leave you free to first write everything in free text and then style the document as one wished rather than start with the element in the first place.
Also, if the items could be inserted with the "enter"/"return" at the end of each element, that'd be great.

Notes on Writing Tables

Table is broken at this stage. Does not work. Needs to be fixed.

  • The table cannot be inserted
  • Once you write on a cell and the cell becomes gray, you are stuck. This cannot be edited back.

This is a quote

The quote command (that is ">" sign works), but the quote from the bread crumb does not work. Needs to be fixed.

Citation does work like before. It takes the (Debating Cognitive Ex...) command but afterwards? Needs to be fixed.

Need a spell check

Is it possible to play with Grammarly. I did not think of it before. A student alerted me to this possibiity.