How to use Revman

The purpose of this document is to show you how you can use Revman 5 to conduct a systematic review but more specifically, how you can use Revman to critically appraise literature using tools such as GRADE. We assume that you are familiar with the basic terms and know that different research questions require differnt types of study designs to approach the truth or associations. We also assume that you are aware that evidence based medicine or evidence based public health or evidence based health requires that you will search the liateruate literature databases, identify articles and then you will criticially appraise them and then finally, after apprasing the articles critically you will be abelt o bal able to synthesise the findings to arrive a t at a conclusion. 
In this example, we shall take five articles and appraise and summarise them. In the process, we shall learn the fundamental basics about evidence based healthcare. 

Download and install Revman for your system by visitng the following hyperlink:

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