Desmos Activities for the course Introduction to College Math

I have created a course based off of Desmos activities. The course provides supplementary once-a-week content to the Introduction to College Math course at Nevada State College. The outline of the course is below.

Students should bring laptops or tablets to every class. They can work in pairs, but they will need a computer.

Prior to each class period you will create each activity using your account at Send students to, and have them enter the codes you give them for each activity. These exercises are supposed to be exploratory in nature. Students will learn how Desmos can help them to answer their questions and they will become comfortable learning math and expressing their answers.

Note that students must create their own Desmos account if they want to save their work for future use.

Friday 1

  1. 1.

    Review how to solve a linear equation such as \(5-2x=-1\). Then solve a linear inequality such as \(5-2x\geq 1\). Then turn students loose on the Desmos activity Thinking Mathematically after creating the activity at

  2. 2.

    Ask students for examples when equations show up in real life. Try to make them be specific. Have them complete the Desmos activity Applications of Linear Equations at