Education, Outreach and Careers: Work Plan

Executive Committee

Amanda Bauer (co-chair, AAO) - outreach, careers
John O’Byrne (co-chair, University of Sydney) - education, outreach
Martin George (Queen Vic Museum, Tasmania) - education, outreach
Andrew Walsh (ICRAR/Curtin) - careers
Robert Hollow (CSIRO) - education, outreach
Virginia Kilborn (Swinburne) - outreach, careers
Helen Sim (CSIRO/AAO) - outreach, media
Pete Wheeler (ICRAR/UWA) - outreach, education
Wiebke Ebeling (CAASTRO/Curtin) - outreach, education
Sarah Maddison (Swinburne) - outreach, education, careers
David Parkinson (Queensland) - careers
Christopher Fluke (Swinbure) - outreach

Leaders for three sub-groups

  • Education: John O’Byrne

  • Outreach: Pete Wheeler

  • Careers: Andrew Walsh

There is still some flexibility with this schedule.
Date City Coordinator
17 Feb Sydney John O’Byrne
6 March Melbourne Virginia Kilborn
15 April Perth Andrew Walsh

Plan and Purpose

  1. Report on progress against objectives of the previous Decadal Plan (given in the Working Group 1.2 Report).

  2. Provide a stock take of current or future capabilities/resources in the area

  3. Identify any new national or international opportunities/requirements in the area over the period 2016-25

  4. Suggest strategies and the resourcing levels required to maximise these new opportunities

We will identify working groups that will meet in the future, in between Decadal Reviews, tasked with reviewing the previous year and setting priorities for the coming year. Ultimately we will recommend these working groups (likely to be the official ASA EPOC and ECR chapters) submit a report to the groups leading the Mid-term review and next Decadal Plan.


Suggested topics to be covered by each sub-group are listed here. Obviously, there is no clear divide, but this can be used as a guide.

  • Education: Curriculum, teacher training, student interactions with scientists, Classroom visits.

  • Outreach: Public Lectures, Outreach Events, Social Media, Telescope Viewing, Facility visits, reports for government.

  • Careers: Early Career Researcher Workshop, Refereeing Workshop, unconscious bias, harassment and workplace bullying, and best practices for organizations such as family friendly policies.

Before the first town hall meeting in Feb

  1. Request “standard” pieces of information from interested parties, via the Demographics WG survey, and a separate questionnaire to organisations listed above to solicit things like curriculum requirements, student numbers, etc.

  2. Report on progress against objectives of the previous Decadal Plan from leaders of sub-groups

  3. Set up video capabilities for Town Hall meetings to be live-broadcast

  4. Provide a stock take of current or futu