Education, Outreach and Careers: Work Plan

Executive Committee

Amanda Bauer (co-chair, AAO) - outreach, careers
John O’Byrne (co-chair, University of Sydney) - education, outreach
Martin George (Queen Vic Museum, Tasmania) - education, outreach
Andrew Walsh (ICRAR/Curtin) - careers
Robert Hollow (CSIRO) - education, outreach
Virginia Kilborn (Swinburne) - outreach, careers
Helen Sim (CSIRO/AAO) - outreach, media
Pete Wheeler (ICRAR/UWA) - outreach, education
Wiebke Ebeling (CAASTRO/Curtin) - outreach, education
Sarah Maddison (Swinburne) - outreach, education, careers
David Parkinson (Queensland) - careers
Christopher Fluke (Swinbure) - outreach

Leaders for three sub-groups

  • Education: John O’Byrne

  • Outreach: Pete Wheeler

  • Careers: Andrew Walsh

There is still some flexibility with this schedule.
Date City Coordinator
17 Feb Sydney John O’Byrne
6 March Melbourne Virginia Kilborn
15 April Perth Andrew Walsh