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  • DFG-Proposal

    Project Description

    State of the art and preliminary work

    Here comes the state of the art. [Text]

    Project-related publications

    Articles published by outlets with scientific quality assurance, book publications, and works accepted for publication but not yet published

    here own publications

    Other publications


    not applicable

    Objectives and work programme

    Anticipated total duration of the project

    36 months


    [Text] clearly spell out research questions and formulate working hypotheses

    Work programme incl. proposed research methods

    For each applicant.

    Data handling


    Other information

    [Text] Please use this section for any additional information you feel is relevant which has not been provided elsewhere.

    Descriptions of proposed investigations involving experiments on humans, human materials or animals


    Information on scientific and financial involvement of international cooperation partners



    Requested modules/funds

    Explain each item for each applicant (stating last name, first name). Follow the outline given in the relevant programme and module guidelines.


    Project requirements

    Employment status information

    For each applicant, state the last name, first name, and employment status (including duration of contract and funding body, if on a fixed-term contract).


    First-time proposal data

    Only if applicable: Last name, first name of first-time applicant.


    Composition of the project group

    List only those individuals who will work on the project but will not be paid out of the project funds. State each person’s name, academic title, employment status, and type of funding.


    Cooperation with other researchers

    Researchers with whom you have agreed to cooperate on this project


    Researchers with whom you have collaborated scientifically within the past three years


    Scientific equipment

    List larger instruments that will be available to you for the project. These may include large computer facilities if computing capacity will be needed.


    Project-relevant cooperation with commercial enterprises

    If applicable, please note the guidelines contained in the EU’s Community Framework for State Aid for Research and Development and Innovation (2006/C 323/01) or contact your research institution in this regard.


    Project-relevant participation in commercial enterprises

    Information on connections between the project and the production branch of the enterprise.