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  • Concinnitas: The Art of the Equation

    San Francisco, CA – On view at Crown Point Press is an exhibition of etchings by scientists and mathematicians, September 4 - October 27, 2015.

    We came across this set of beautiful etchings on Artsy depicting mathematical equations. We decided to reproduce them on Authorea, using our equation editor and some LaTeX. Here’s the result.

    \begin{equation} \frac{\mathscr{d}}{\mathscr{dA}}\int_{\mathcal{G}}\rho\mathscr{dV}=-\int_{\partial\mathcal{G}}\mathscr{f}\cdot\mathscr{n}\,\mathscr{dS}\nonumber \\ \end{equation}

    Conservation Laws by Peter Lax, 2014