How To Create Data Tables

Easy tables with the Authorea Table Tool

You can create LaTeX tables easily using the “Table” button in the editor. Move the cursor to choose the number of rows and columns.

Populate your table. You can change the layout further by right clicking on a cell (control+click on a Mac)

Insert table automatically creates and places the LaTeX source for the table: \begin{tabular}{ c c c } $x^2$ & $y^2$ & $z^2$ \\ 10 & a & $\ell$ \\ 11 & b & $\ell$ \\ \end{tabular}

Which upon ”save and close” renders to:

\(x^{2}\) \(y^{2}\) \(z^{2}\)
10 a \(\ell\)
11 b \(\ell\)