Are we alone in the Universe?

In this short post series I try to tackle one of the biggest questions out there: Are we alone? The reasoning leads to some radical implications for the very near future of humankind. Read till the end and feel free to comment as you go. Hopefully this will spark interesting discussions.

  1. Habitable Planets How many habitable planets exist in the Universe?

  2. The Drake Equation How to estimate the number of technological civilizations in our Galaxy?

  3. Astrobiology Is biological life common in the Universe?

  4. The Fermi Paradox Is intelligent life common in the Universe? And if yes, does it last?

  5. Interactive Drake Equation Use your own intuition to calculate the chance of being alone or not

Space Art. Credits: Antifan Real

Disclaimer: The level of speculation increases with every post, so while the first one is mostly based on solid, recent astrophysical data, some of the conclusions in the “Fermi Paradox” post rely on very bold assumptions and (somewhat) personal intuitions.

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