Why should I use Authorea to write my paper?

Scientists are busy people. We have deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, lectures to give. And of course we need to write papers, not only because we are excited to share our findings, but also because scientific papers are the currency of the academic world. Authorea was created by scientists and for scientists. The idea: improving the process of writing and sharing the results of research. While Authorea has big plans for the paper of the future, in this post I want to focus on the here and now. This is because when I talk about the platform with my colleagues, by far the most common question I get is “Why should I use Authorea to write my paper?”

Great question! Here some highlights that should make you curious:

  1. With Authorea, your paper is accessible from any computer anywhere in the world.

  2. You can write it from your browser, no installations required.

  3. You can write in rich text (wysiwyg) LaTeX or in markdown.

  4. Your paper is also a beautiful web page.

  5. Collaboration is made easy.