SOLVE, four days that could change the world

The Authorea team

Tens of thousands of innovators met in Austin, Texas last week to discuss emerging tech, science, and innovation. It was the Interactive portion of South by Southwest (SxSW). Authorea was there.

Among many great events, the MIT Media Lab presented “SOLVE”, an initiative set to bring together the most gifted researchers and innovators to identify and tackle challenges where new thinking and emerging technologies have the potential to make the world a better place. SOLVE identified four main themes: Learn, Cure, Fuel, Make.

The four pillars of SOLVE’s initiative: Learn, Cure, Fuel, Make. The event will be held on October 5-8, 2015 at The MIT campus; Cambridge, Massachusetts. Source: MIT

MIT SOLVE's call to action is "What global challenge would you like to solve?". At Authorea we are passionate about collaborative science. Our goal is to make research open, seamless and completely reproducible. We believe this is a challenge that can be tackled with current technologies and the help of the scientific community. This challenge directly ties to the four main themes chosen by MIT, since learning, education, fundamental research and technology are all highly collaborative endeavors. Authorea is committed to SOLVE this important challenge and looks forward to collaborate with MIT to achieve it.

Alberto and Matteo (CEO and CSO of Authorea) at the SOLVE presentation (left) and two other SXSW events (center and right).

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