Review Nano Technology and future Prospective

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Bio-molecular interactions are fundamental of biology. Atomic of Chemical movement and living cells can govern by mechanical forces, and the movement of the molecule can understood as the particle was transporting from one place to other place in the reaction surface. During complexity of phenomenal transport of atoms to create the molecular structure require the model of  system to govern of moving atom ,the molding of  mechanism equation in mechanical can control of force moving atom can analyze by molecule attract force [1]. Biological sensing can decode in the mechanical measure forces by deformation of material convert to signal. The fluctuating molecular mass on the surface of the nano cantilever it can measure of moving from one cell to next. The phenomenal of shifting mass of can be detected by small fluke of mass as quality nano size level. The design devices and detect the fluctuating of mass nano require understand topic nanoscale which lead to study Nanomechanical technology .The topic of study will match with the size of chemical ‘molecular interactions [2]. The development Nanomechanical system can support diagnostics of molecular behavior and bio-element such as genomic, proteomic and Oligonucleotide, enzyme, antibody, living cells, tissue….etc. The device of design bio cantilever has two components: Bio-receptor (bio-element), and transducer. Bio-receptor receives the flux able of mechanical, physical, chemical molecular level using cantilever system. Transducer has been designed with technique using amperometric, potentiometric, semiconductor, thermometric, photometric, and piezoelectric translate into the electrical signal processing. In this paper, we focus reviewing the principle of bio sensor cantilever; achievement of   Nano cantilevers for bio detection and analysis; bio-sensor detector human disease for medical field and the advance of state of art this technology. Also, we can predict future of this technology effect human.

Keywords:   Nanotechnology, Nano medicine, Health, Bio sensor, Analyze, signal

I. Introduction


Nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) are the new technology to design the small mechanical device with nanosized. The part cantilever inside can move up and down dependence on application. The technique to fabricate cantilever structures using semiconductor processing technique which has been using widely in MEMS technology. Because of demand a lot application in medical, this technique has a lot attention from engineer to focus and study, using  macro fundamental in mechanical to Nano fundamental design of nano cantilever create the biosensor device  which  apply in biological physics and bioengineering. Those techniques can mass production mechanical biosensors device.  The figure (1) shows that system device building with structure analyst and biosensor and transducer. Analyst or bio element is thins layer films on the surface interaction with of surrounding chemical or biological reaction based on the mechanism of  diffusion, flow and adsorption and desorption on the surface of cantilever. Transducer is the cantilevers governs by mechanical and convert the micromotion to electrical signal