ePortfolio as a tool for formative assessment of knowledge and skills

Dr. Tanja Rupnik Vec1
mag. Leonida Novak2
National Education Institute, Slovenia

  1. tanja.vec@zrss.si

  2. leonida.novak@zrss.si

1. Introduction


1.1. EUfolio project


The European ePortfolio Classrooms (EUfolio) project started in May 2013 when thirteen institutions from seven countries combined their interest in electronic Portfolios as a tool for fostering students’ learning. In this article we want to address two basic aims of this project: (1) to design ePortfolio models for teaching, learning and assessment use, and (2) to apply valuable real-life lessons for deepening the use of ICT (specifically the portfolio approach) in teaching, learning and assessment processes. Cyprus, Ireland, Lithuania and Slovenia (with Spain, Galicia as a joint country) are the four piloting countries, which work with teachers and support them in the processes of students’ ePortfolio implementation. More about the project in general can be read at www.eufolio.eu