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A Martian Proposal
  • Peter Jacobsen
Peter Jacobsen
George Martian University

Corresponding Author:pjacobs6@masonlive.gmu.edu

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    This paper explores the growing trend of consumer demand for Martian eggs and proposes a theory for determining the optimal timing of the sale of Martian eggs. It takes advantage of the fact that all martians produce 12 eggs per year automatically, and treats the cost of production of the eggs as a sunk cost. In this paper, the value of the Martian's egg is considered as a function of time. A model is then discussed for whether the Martian seeking to maximize profits will sell their egg at some time t for a sum of $X, or if they will hold their egg to sell for a higher value at a later time.  Finally, a profit maximizing time is estimated based on the model and data about the Martian Economy.