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Citi Bike Project
  • Bianca Brusco,
  • Michael Sampson,
  • Gokmen Dedemen
Bianca Brusco
New York University (NYU)

Corresponding Author:bianca.brusco@gmail.com

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Michael Sampson
NYU Center for Urban Science & Progress
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Gokmen Dedemen
New York University (NYU)
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Bike sharing has gained in popularity as a mean of transportation in urban systems. In New York City, data from Citi Bike usage is publicly available, so trends in riderships can be investigated. In this project, we use one month's data to examine riding trends for Citi Bike subscribers and occasional users of the service, to understand whether there is a difference in the likelihood of taking shorter trips between the two groups. The results show that subscribers are indeed more likely to take shorter trips. One possible explanation of this result is that subscribers are choosing Citi Bike as a mode of transport to cover shorter, so called 'last-mile', segments of their commute more frequently than occasional users. [even when needing to cover shorter distances]