Yamin Sepehri

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OverviewIn this project, manufacturing of an industrial part will be modeled. Catia software will be used in order to define tool paths for a 2.5D axes machining tool and the results will be shown in this report. At first, we will show operation 4 in details as an example of our work. In this operation, definition of the tool used, method and important parameters of cutting will be explained. After that, by the aid of precise figures, the result of the simulated part will be shown under tolerance of 0.1 mm for penetration and residual materials. It is worth mentioning that we attached the Catia files to this report and they can be find in the zipped folder (open the 'Group_20' file in CATIA)1.    Operation 4This operation consists of six sub-operations, which are made with the Milling machine WILLEMIN W408. According to the specifications of the WILLEMIN W408 and the requirement , we define the end mill type and related parameters. The main information and data  are shown below:Stroke X axis: 350mm   Stroke Y axis: 300mm   Stroke Z axis: 299mm    Rapid feed rate: 10m/min   Spindle Power: 3.3kW   Spindle speed range: 50-14000rpmNumber of tool: 4    Diameter: 18mmLength of cut: 80mm   Spindle speed n : 3537r/min   Machining speed vf : 990mm/min  Width of cut ae : 9mm   Depth of cut ap : 5mm   Number of passes: 51.1    Operation 4.1 ; Roughing of the open pocket This operation is the roughing of the open rocket. According to the diameter value Dc = 18mm, we use a mill CoroMill Plura 216.34-18030-AS24N with zn = 4 tooth. Fig.1 is the definition of this mill tool. This will lead to a 5-passes machining with the width of cut of 50% DC  or ae = 9mm for each pass. The following is calculation and choosing process of related parameters.