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GR17_BED2-HW02_Vernacular and Climate sensitive Architecture        
  • maria.bellizzi,
  • Tommaso Barbieri,
  • mauricio.lopez
Building Energy Modeling and Envelope Design

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Tommaso Barbieri
Building Energy Modeling and Envelope Design
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The purest definition of vernacular architecture is simple, it is the architecture without architects...it is the pure response to a particular person's or society's building needs.  If fulfils the needs because it is crafted by the individual and society it is in. In addition the building methods are tested through trial-and-error by the society of which they are built until their building methods near perfection (over time) and are tailored to the climatic, aesthetic, functional, and sociological needs of their given society. Becouse the person constructing the structure will be perfectly tailored to that individual's particular wants and needs
[definition of Khyati Vasani for Vernacular Architecture publication 2012]
Starting from the above definition of the so called "Vernacular Architectiure" which can be easily associated with what is traditional and popular and in the pure sense "natural" , the following work represent a way to investigate the application of the ideas below this kind of architecture that affect the thermal response of buildings, starting fromt he past in order to understand how to apply the "ancient" strategies to the present and the future.