Speed Dating Tool- Authorea

(Di Ferrante 1975)

Hi, I am Aliza and I will tell you a little bit about my friend Authorea!

Before we begin can I alizaask you a few questions?

  • Are you writing a thesis?

  • Are you a frequent LaTeX user? It’s okay |we support markdown, bibtex etc... (let me just show you)

  • Would you like to learn Latex? Here is link that will help you out!

  • Are you using any programming language to handle all your quantitative data i.e. javascript or Ipython notebook? Here is a cool link you will love!!

Why should you choose Authorea

Authorea is a collaborative research tool. It will save you from doing mundane tasks. Authorea provides a platform for:

  1. Authorea provides a platform for collaborative writing and review of your manuscript

  2. It has an easy automated citation mechanism

  3. It is a one-stop repository for all your figures’ data, code, and editing, and even lets you get pre-publication feedback from your peers.

  4. version control helps you keep track of what changes you have made. Have you hear of Git

All the things you can do with Authorea

  1. Produce neat readable work

  2. Invite co-authors and work on the document at the same time

  3. Attach interactive graphs to your article

  4. Work offline using git (need to know a little about git and github)

  5. Add and manage citations

  6. Write mathematical equations

  7. Add comments!

  8. Export files in PDF and other formats.

  9. follow and unfollow to know who made changes via email...

If you like you need help go here

But that all the boring stuff... lets do something cool

I like eating cakes. My favourites are

  • chocolate

  • vanilla

  • strawberry

(Di Ferrante 1975)

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