Fish & chicken

Hey, welcome. Double click anywhere on the text to start writing. In addition to simple text you can also add text formatted in boldface, italic, and yes, math too: \(E = mc^{2}\)! Add images by drag’n’drop or click on the “Insert Figure” button.

OK I’ve just unlocked a block that Matthew’s editing. What now?

It's quite handy to we don't have to worry about learning all the syntax in Latex.

Die LaTeX.

You can lock a block - block-lock. Block to edit. Or edit without blocking?

found it (Bauer 2015)

I think this works quite well

This seems ok so far.

Citing other papers is easy. Voilà: (CMS/CERN 2012) or (Holstein 2009). Click on the + (plus) button in the toolbar to search articles and cite them. Authorea also comes with a powerful commenting system (Chung 2015). (Berg 2009)Don’t agree that \(E = mc^{2}\) ?!? Highlight the text you want to discuss or click the comment button. Find out more about using Authorea on our help page.

This is how you add a citation (Muller 2015) . Cool (Malishev 2015). Two people can edit different blocks at once, but not the same(Rayner 2010) one.