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  • Terraforming the Research Bazaar with awesome


    We present the levels of awesome at the Research Bazaar conference in 2015. We find that terrestrial awesome-ometers are not capable of measuring the magnitude of the signal, and the level of participant excitement presents danger to the humanoid mind, which is at high risk of being blown. We propose an inter-galactic expansion to the Research Bazaar in terraformed locations outside of our own solar system. Furthermore, we present the need to transplant the future of next generation research skills into the consciousness of other lifeforms with a higher tolerance for awesome.


    Current design of the Research Bazaar pod which will be repurposed into exploration vessel.


    • Transform 2015 ResBaz tent into an exploration vessel using research-prayer flags as environmentally friendly zero-carbon emitting thrusters

    • Explore the intergalactic neighborhood for possible next generation locations

    • Engage with intelligent life forms and assess their tolerance for awesome

    • Build space pods for ResBaz festival

    • Expand ResBaz by (peacefully) conquering other galaxies

    • Transmit our knowledge to other life forms

    • Propagate awesome