Why ResBaz should be your top conference for 2016

What's a ResBaz?

The "Research Bazaar" (ResBaz) is the best thing to happen to your digital research skillz (even if, like me, you don't really have any). Half-conference, half-workshop, part-community, part-social media sensation, all nerd, ResBaz is just what the PI ordered to get you up-skilled in whatever digital tools you need - including ones you aren't even aware of - to conduct better research and get mad citations.
But it's more than that. ResBaz incubates a multidisciplinary academic community who are passionate about research: open, reproducible, inclusive, revolutionary research. For three days under a big tent, attendees geek out with community organizations and startups - people who are supporting and futurizing the training, work and interactions of scientists and digital humanities researchers. The excitement is palpable, with a festival vibe like "geeks go to Woodstock". It's an incredibly galvanizing experience.
After attending ResBaz at the University of Melbourne in February 2015, I wrote a series of attendee's-eye-view posts about my experience; both my expectations in the lead-up to the conference and a blow-by-blow account of how each day panned out. Obviously, I think the conference is important. I had a blast and drank the kool-aid: alright ResBaz, you did it. I'm a true believer. But now I want to take a step back and ask: why? What was so good about it?