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A Cross-Sectional Study of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse in Punjab
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  • Amareen Dhaliwal,
  • mananpareek,
  • Rohan Bir Singh,
  • kanwardhaliwal5
Amareen Dhaliwal
Boston University

Corresponding Author:amareend@bu.edu

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Rohan Bir Singh
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Alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) poses a substantial threat to Punjabi populations through psychological, pathological, and social harm. The conservative culture of Punjab has prevented several studies from gaining accurate data on AODA prevalence; thus, resulting in alarming rates of AODA-related deaths and hospital admissions. To better support prevention and treatment measures for AODA, data is needed to visualize and recognize the variations of AODA use, causes, and outcomes among the population of Punjab.
This study aims to explore the prevalence, associated factors, and outcomes of AODA in Punjab. Furthermore, the study aims to provide a broad framework for prevention strategies based on demographic-specific data for AODA in Punjab.
A cross-sectional study was conducted using a random sample design. The study instrument, a questionnaire, was developed using the3nd through literature review. A sample size of 5000 was used. The questionnaire was translated to Punjabi by verified translators. *@Manan Pareek: XYZ models were used to analyze the data* To gather qualitative data, face-to-face interviews were conducted and recorded using the questionnaire.
Write after data gathered
Write after data gathered