Music is a religion in itself. Music cuts down all the barriers. Many of us love music. This is a great gift that God has given to mankind. For many people music is a passion. We enjoy listening to music by various ways. Many people have sophisticated stereo sound systems along with CD players, DVD players, mp3 players and many more electronic devices to play music. We can listen to music on the go using cellphones, smartphones and various other portable devices. Another exciting way to listen to latest releases is to listen to music online. There are many website which are treasures of fascinating music files. Users can search for specific songs, albums, concert recordings and listen to them online or even download these files so that they can play them whenever and wherever they want. Important to mention are various online radio stations which can be played when we are connected to internet. There are many online radio stations dedicated to typical types of music. Some of them allow the users to Listen New Gospel Music Online. As the name itself indicates, these are the radio stations that are dedicated to spread teachings of Christ. All different radio stations are treasures of information about life of Christ, his teachings, different ways to truth, selfless devotion and so on. In these busy days when the new generation is attracted towards forms of music such as jazz, rock and blues, these unique radio stations provide the teachings in Bible in modern way through contemporary Gospel radio. Online Gospel Radio Stations are difficult to find. These radio stations play an important role in spreading teachings of the Christ. The prayers and songs played on these different stations are very pleasant with respect to the composition of music and orchestra arrangements. The listeners get the advantage of going through Devine teachings of the Christ flowing in smooth rhythmic backgrounds and mind pleasing music.  Typical Gospel music is euphoric, rhythmic, spiritual music rooted in solo and responsive church singing. Its development is parallel to the development of rhythm and blue. It was in existence for centuries before however the history and records related to it are not systematically written down. Gospel Music gained popularity after 1930’s. As many composers started contributing their songs related to the biblical teachings of the Christ, Gospel music started to rise and become part of lives of the Christian community. The worship culture of rural Christian community was migrated to many cities in the course of time. Thus churches in many locations started adopting Gospel music for their routine prayers. Initially, Gospel music was restricted to be accompanied by piano and a solo singer performing the prayer or song. As the time passed and the popularity raised drastically many composers especially originated from the bands culture added spice of modern music forms such as jazz, blues and rock. This resulted in more systematic arrangement of orchestra and made the music much diversified. The gospel music of today has seen many changes as per the time and this generation is lucky to get to listen various fascinating additions contributed by renowned composers.