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Sistema Complejo: red de dispensadores de medicamentos en la ciudad de Valdivia
  • Francisco,
  • Alejandra Hidalgo,
  • Fabián Catalán
Universidad Austral de Chile

Corresponding Author:fgonz@outlook.com

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Alejandra Hidalgo
Universidad Austral de Chile
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Fabián Catalán
Universidad Austral de Chile
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This project consists of the implementation of a network of medical dispensers distributed in Valdivia city (university campuses, supermarkets, and police stations). The purpose of medical dispensers is to bring near  the medical purchases to all the people who can’t go to the drugstores for diverse reasons.
To analyze this project we did a stakeholders analysis that will allow know the different viewpoints of the involved parts. Furthermore, we performed an SVN diagram to view all possible relationship between stakeholders, To view processes between involved objects we built an OPD diagram.
To expose all the viewpoints of the related parts (directly or indirectly) we draw a rich picture that provide a mechanism for learning about  present problems.
It is concluded that a network of medical dispensers helps to decongest pharmacies and bring the safe sale of drugs to people living in non-centralized sectors.
keywords: OPD, stakeholder, rich picture, medical dispenser, rich picture, SVN