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United States
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Lorraine Marie Hachfeld completed her Advanced Computer Programming & Systems Analysis diploma in Sept 1978 at Herzing Institutes and worked for internationally recognized corporations as an in-house Computer Programmer & Systems Analyst. She was born a natural energy healer. Lorraine studied personal development, and energy medicines including energy healing, spiritual healing, shamanic healing, and psychic healing. In March 2010, Lorraine focused inward to heal remotely with a deeper transformation without ritual, dogma, story or sideshow, and could be expressed from the Divine. She found the missing piece to her puzzle when she experienced a remote biofield energy healing treatment, called the Trivedi Effect®, from Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. Lorraine has been in Trivedi Master Programs since 2010. She could see the value of Mr. Trivedi’s unique ability to harness and transmit the innate intelligence of the universe to living organisms and non-living materials anywhere in the world for the benefit of the recipient’s unique requirements. With an extensive 4,000 scientific studies in human health, cancer, microbiology, biotechnology, genetics, livestock, agriculture, and materials science, nearly 200 publications, over 250,000 testimonials, and the research eliminating the placebo effect, this was impressive.

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