Faith Ann Pyka

United States
Joined Jun 2017

Faith Ann Pyka earned her BA degree in Interior Design in1998 from the Interior Designer’s Institute in California. She worked part-time in the industry while owning an Independent Service Business and is a professional in her field of assisting seniors in their well being.Being aware of and seeing the energy field, Ms. Pyka searched for transformational leaders and energy healers which had their limitations. In June, 2011 Ms. Pyka attended Guruji Mahendra Trivedi’s webinar and received his Remote Energy Transmission or Biofield Energy Treatment promptly experiencing changes in her sleep and calmness. Seeing the opportunity for high growth in consciousness, the potential to help others on this planet in optimizing health and happiness through this life-force energy, Ms. Pyka joined Mr. Trivedi’s Healing Masters Program. She experienced her own transformation by Mr. Trivedi’s Biofield Energy Transmissions, and she is able to harness and transmit and use that phenomenon called the Trivedi Effect. Ms. Pyka is an Authentic Healer, and she has her publication in an American peer-reviewed science journal.

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