Debra Jane Schnitzer

United States
Joined Jun 2017

Debra Schnitzer completed her National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Workers in 2005 and has worked in private practice helping to destress the world one back at a time. Born with natural healing tendencies, Debra has always been fascinated with the mystery and miraculousness of the human body and how energy effects human health. In 2005, She became a Zero Balancing Practioner, a form of body work created by Dr. Fritz Smith, a powerful body-mind therapy that uses skilled touch to address the relationship between energy and structures of the body. In early 2011, Debra received her first remote biofield energy transmission from Mahendra Trivedi. Mr. Trivedi’s ability to harness the universal life force energy and transmit it to living and non living materials anywhere in the world was phenomenal and there were over 4000 scientific studies with world renowned scientist and research institutes and 250,000 testimonials to demonstrate the intelligence and benefits of this energy. Debra joined the Healers Mastery Program and continues to receive as much of this energy as possible.

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