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United States
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Paromvong Sinbandhit is an Architect and Urban Designer/Planner with over 40 years’ experience in architecture, urban planning and urban design in Australia. He completed his Bsc(Arch) at the University of NSW, in 1971, and BArch (Hons.1) in 1974 when he was awarded the Board of Architects of NSW Medallion. He later undertook a Master’s degree in Town & Country Planning at the University of Sydney, Australia, and completed it in 1986. During his long and illustrious career, Paromvong has worked in a number of architectural practices and is currently a Design Director in the practice he joined since 1984, a position he has held since 1992. Outside of his professional career, Paromvong has always shown interests in personal development and the working of the mind. He has taken private studies in this area which reveals the limitations of current science. Paromvong has always been fascinated with unexplained phenomena. His fascination with mind over matters, intuition, bio fields and the ability of the body to heal itself gained further impetus after the death of his father through liver cancer, and has led him to search for answers for a cure. His search led him to Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, a man of extraordinary gifts who created what is known as the Trivedi Effect.

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