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Margaret Kweya Wahl, earned various degrees in Education and spent much of her time in the field of Education. She worked extensively as an administrator on committee on Special Education conducting reviews, both annually and tri-annually for students with disabilities. She maintained ongoing written communications with parents of disabled students, in regards to planning, modifying, changing, reviewing, placing or evaluating programs, services and student facilities. She presented papers on CSE (committee on special education) process, FBA, ADD, and ADHD in the Spring of 2001, at Nazareth College in New York. From the time she was a child she always knew that she was destined to be a healer. In 2005, Margaret Kweya Wahl retired from teaching and began her journey as a healer. She was introduced to Mahendra Kumar Trivedi in 2009 by a well known Doctor and Spiritual leader, Deepak Chopra. At the time Mr. Trivedi had a Trivedi Foundation and received many blessings from him. The first time she lay down on the floor to receive Mr. Trivedi’s blessings, he told the crowd to take off their shoes and socks, find a quiet place where o one was going to disturb, lie down or sit up in your chair and start your prayers to the God of your understanding. I was impressed because everyone of us have their own version of God. That day, Margaret Kweya Wahl prayed for the courage to dismantle her home she had built for many year.

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