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Towards a De-Centralized Web Based Transportation Infrastructure
  • Florian Kleedorfer,
  • huemer
Florian Kleedorfer

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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* Intro to WoN
* Intro to iCargo - as far as we understand it


Through our iterative approach, findings are

Requirements found in interviews

* Especially when freight is high-volume or high-value, established contacts between consignor and transporter are highly valued. Trusting new players is difficult (transportation of agricultural goods)
* Finding transportation partners, agreeing on framework contracts, and then executing many transports with easily calculated rates and quick planning (schrott24.de)

Additional Requirements for Transportation

* Service descriptions
* Information requirements
* Reputation management: not necessarily only for transportation, but it seems to be required here, too
* Payment integration

Service descriptions

Follow the WoN approach: matching, then comms channel. Difference: Service offer is general, demand is concrete. Allow service offering to make a concrete offer for a given demand. 
Consequence: new ways to control matching

Information Requirements

A participant can define information requirements. When a connection is made, the information requirements are automatically checked and missing information is identified. User interfaces can use this information to generate interface components (e.g., forms) to elicit the missing information. User agents may be able to fill in missing information automatically from personal data stores.


Preliminary findings.  Design 
Grant information
This work is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) in the project Open Logistics Networks of the COIN Program.
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