Ph.D. Candidate

Joined May 2017

My name is Xu LU, who is now working parallel as a PhD candidate in Politecnico di Milano and lecturer of Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology. I gained my master degree in Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. My professional interests lie in the urban design and regeneration in contemporary historical cities in China. The aim of my study falls on other ways of arguing and interacting with the problem beyond the confines of architectural literature, or beyond the conventional parameters of architectural professional practice. Emphasis was placed on seeking bottom-up solutions within unexpected places, local knowledge, habits, traditions, movement networks, evolving habits and highly specific perspectives and how the approach can directly impact architectural materialization, in terms of concept orientation, tectonics and embedded or external technologies or strategies. Thus, my professional focus is bond for the urban regeneration and rehabilitation with vernacular approaches in a contemporary context and built environment.


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