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    Determination of the Dynamic and Acoustic Performances of  Composite Materials Based on Innovative Resin Foam Cores
  • massimo.fortini
Dipartimento ABC. Politecnico di Milano

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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During the last  few decades, various types of lightweight structures have been introduced in  the vehicle and transportation industry.This trend is  dictated by the growing demand of higher load capacity, reduced fuel  consumption and increased performances. On the other  side, lightweight structures often have poor acoustic properties, moreover there  is a need to define the frequency dependent dynamic properties of such materials. Industries working in the automotive and transportation fields are  interested in the prediction and determination of the sound reduction index  given by lightweight partitions. The investments in this research field are  aiming to find experimental methods capable to assess the sound insulation  performances of small specimens instead of full scale partitions. Using  expensive software based on FEM-BEM methods, some variables deriving from the  manufacturing stage and influencing the sound transmission index are not taken  into account. Moreover it is very complicated to fully characterise non  homogeneous materials. In the last decades few methods based on the determination of the dynamic  properties of sandwich beams have been developed [1] and validated. Acell Italy produces Phenolic foam using a method which has been patented.  The patent concerns the coupling method of the layers through a chemical process  able to create a highly resistant panel with a low weight and a high  resistance. Acell would like to improve the dynamic and sound insulation  properties of the panels in order to improve its position in the market.

The scope  of the author’s PhD research project is the development of a conceptual wall  design with a composite materials based on Innovative Resin Foam Cores. The cornerstones of the study are: (1) the investigation of the material; (2) the evaluation  of the sound reduction index of a panel specimen (3) the design of a facade made  by using the innovative Acell materials.