Carlo Andrea Biraghi

Ph.D. Candidate

Via Ponzio 31, 20133 Milano, Italy
Joined May 2017

I’m an architect with interest in urban and architectural design, disciplines I teach since 3 years. I got a joint master degree in architecture at PoliMi Bovisa and PoliTo and the ASP diploma on innovation themes. After the studies I decided to deepen the quantitative aspects of quality in architecture and their multi-scale correlation. Being quality too general and hardly definable objectively I started looking for environmental sustainability. What I’m trying to do is to bring the results obtained at the building scale to the neighbourhood, a crucial unit for the city intended as a CAS. Architectural approach is rich, holistic, cultural and various but sometimes self-referential. The encounter with engineering can make it more measurable without losing in complexity. My interest and attitude for mathematics is the bridge among these two worlds, and that’s why I’ll teach in an elective course of mathematics for architecture. Teaching at every level is my true passion and I hope I’ll have the chance to continue on this street.


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