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  • Adeel Yusuf,
  • Sardar Muhammad Afaq Khan
Adeel Yusuf

Corresponding Author:adeel.yusuf@gmail.com

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Sardar Muhammad Afaq Khan
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The modern portfolio theory explains the optimal  portfolio concepts. The theory explains that investors will invest on the basis  of maximizing their profit for their tolerated level of risk or determination  of percentage of acids in a portfolio such that it fulfils the given objective,  maximize return for a tolerated risk. Product complexity is directly related to the risk in export. This  paper focused towards the detection of the export commodities in which investor  can have the maximize profit by controlling the risk and later by using the  past trade data, gravitational theory and complexity factor our system will  predict and optimize the export of a country. The approach is tested for varying datasets and comparative  analysis is performed that reflects the effectiveness of the proposed system.
Keywords:  Export, Portfolio Theory, Product Complexity , gravitational Theory,  Textile