Joseph Di Pasquale

Ph.D. Candidate

Joined May 2017

Graduated magna cum laude in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano in 1991. Contract professor at Politecnico di Milano from 2009 to 2015. He started his professional practice in 1992. In 2001 he studied Storytelling and Film Direction in New York Film Academy in 2001. Principal and founder of "JDP Architects". He investigated the lack of identity in contemporary globalized architecture pursuing new interpretations of contemporary city to identify a relationship between urban density and cultural identity in the urban design and architecture. Since 2008, he produces an intense cultural dissemination activity with lectures and conferences in Italy, China, Russia and United States. He investigated plug in/out modular construction as a life cycle technology, scalable housing typologies and generator principle for a new dynamic and changing urban architecture. He won national and international competitions of architecture and urban design: JingWu Eco Town and the Guangzhou Circle in 2014. Other relevant projects are Gewiss production plant, Intercos, Polini motori, Valsir, Aerea headquarter, Amusement park and masterplan of Minitalia Leolandia, and the masterplan Choruslife Bergamo in 2016. He published articles for different international architectural and design magazines. Awards WGDO World Green Design Contribution Award 2015 for Guangzhou Circle Building. WT Smart City Award 2017 for Chorus Life masterplan.




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