MatLab, MDCS set up

MatLab Distributed Computing Server

Would you like to use Matlab Distributed Computing Server? We have 256 cores available for your calculations.


Requirements and steps to gaining access are split into three parts.

The first, software, need only be done once.

The second, network requirements will need to be addressed at each place you wish to use MDCS (home, on campus office, off campus office, other). Depending on your needs, this will most likely only happen once.

The instructions are what you need to do each time you use MatLab.

Software requirements

  1. Copy of MatLab 2015a. Available for free online, all staff, students and researchers have access to a free license. You can have more than one copy of MatLab installed at any time.

Network requirements

MDCS requires clients have certain ports open for communication with the cluster.

  1. If you would like to use MDCS from home or from somewhere without strict firewall rules, follow this guide <>_.

  2. If you would like to use MDCS while on campus, you could request formally to have the required ports open (long, potentially unsuccessful process) OR you can request to use a virtually hosted MatLab instance <>_ built by Research Platforms (which is set up with correct software).

Instructions for use in MatLab

  1. Once you have the correct software, and the appropriate network conditions met, you can access the MDCS via these instructions <>_.

    (matlab specific)