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Hello, I would like to introduce myself and what I do, My name is Irina, and I absolutely love being a pediatric occupational therapist! In my nearly 8 years of experience, I purposely varied my caseload in regards to population/diagnosis and age groups. The types of facilities I have worked in include preschools, EI (Early Intervention), school-age children, high-schools and finally transitional services. I developed a strong interest and love for the parents and children in their teens such as high-school and transitional services within the mental health and physical disabilities arena. My experience includes working with various diagnoses including CP, Autism, Asperger, MR, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Down Syndrome, Learning Disability, TBI and SCI students. Our time together is never idle, as I strongly believe that a child should always be involved in physical and intellectually driven activities while taking their interests and combining them with functional and creative tasks. Today I find myself at a point in my life, in which I feel emotionally harmonious and intellectually ready for a new mountain to climb. A much needed challenge has been on my mind for years. A person can't be on autopilot forever, and since I can honestly say that I am, it's time to consider my options. One woman, my 6th grade ESL teacher changed my life forever. Ms.M taught me how to learn. Now, I am intansly interested in how humans learn. Thank You to Ms.M You gave me direction.

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