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Marco Tatullo

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Joined Apr 2017

Scientific Director of the Research Institute “Tecnologica”, Crotone, Italy. Doctor in Dental Sciences (DDS) at University of Bari, Italy. PhD in “Medical Biochemistry, Medical Biology and Physics”, University of Bari. National Scientific Habilitation as Associate Professor in “Dentistry” (06-F1). Expert of the Field in “Medical Biology and Medical Biochemistry” (05-E3) and in “Dentistry” (06-F1) obtained from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Bari, Italy. Visiting Professor at the University “Marie Curie” de Parìs. International collaborator of “Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine” (IBPS) Visiting Professor at the City Unity College of Athens. Directive Board Member of "Indo-Italian Forum for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering ". Guest Researcher at ENEA - Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Environment - as experienced research-manager in Tissue Engineering. Editor in Chief for the e-book “Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Innovative Biomaterials in Dentistry" in publication with Springer-Nature publisher. Guest Editor for Stem Cell International. Member of Stem Cell Italy association. Scientific Reviewer for European Grants (COST and Austria FWF) and for Italian Grants. PI in 3 EU funded projects and in several italian projects. Chair in TERMIS 2017 symposium. Author of over 60 research articles (total IF>90) published in international high-quality peer-reviewed journals, indexed on PubMED.

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