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ProposalThis paragraph is a proposal, not yet an abstract. But since this document is an open one, I state some few information.During the final workshop of the Course Scientific Writings (2017), Publishing in peer-reviewed journals, given and managed by Richard Lorch, the students analyzed a series of journals. They made a short personal report and a group work (six groups), that has been presented to and discussed by all the participants to the course. The task proposed to the Collaborator to this document is what they need to be evaluated and to get the final grade and is the following:to re-elaborate the discussion made by each participant and group, identifying a flexible characteristics of a so-called "scientific journal" and a way to classify themto reach a reasonable classification of all the examined journal, producing a list of them with a short description and classificationClassification of papers and journals charactersLet me add, here, my personal notes from the workshopAUTHORSHIP (who writes journals? Mainly academics)AUDIENCE - Professional/academic/stakeholder audience (Who does read those journals? That is the question!)TYPOLOGYResearch papersLiterature review papersPolicy papers (?)Case-study papersMethodological papers... TOPICS DEALT WITH:Monodisciplinary specialist journalsTrans/Multidisciplinary-specialist with specific, technical topicsTrans/Multidisciplinary-general without a specific topic (multiple or wide topic)Broad thinking??...With special issueGEOGRAPHYNational/International audienceGeography of authorsGeography author’s institution and of the members of the editorial boardGeography of author’s institutionGeography of the members of the editorial boardSTRUCTURE of the papersTitleAbstractIntroductionLiterature review? … Discussion? Literature reviewMethodologyDiscussionConclusions METHODOLOGYQualitative/quantitative research methodologyClear about the adopted methodology? Or just talking about results.OWNER (scientific societies or others) REVIEW MODEblind reviewdouble blind review...DIMENSIONSNumber of pageslength of certain paragraphFUNDING (Funding of published research what about funding of the editor?)polimi courses about scientific writingCOMMUNICATING SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH (PhD-School, A.Paganoni)SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATION IN ENGLISH (PhD-School, P.Biscari, T.J.Sluckin)RESEARCH SKILLS (PhD-School, D.Sciuto)ACADEMIC PUBLISHING (Phd-DIG, L.Grilli, A.Brun, I.Lapsley)SCIENTIFIC AND SCHOLARLY WRITING (PhD-School-2016/17, L.Guerrini, K.S.Friedman).