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Mathematical model for the ScPI-GBP behavior in Mexico to the world...
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  • Carlos Graciós,
  • linarodr2003,
  • juancarlos.perez,
  • pablo.nuno
Carlos Graciós
UPAEP, Puebla, Mex

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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ITSX, Ver. Mex
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UPAEP, Puebla, Mex
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UPAEP, Puebla, Mex
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This preliminary report describes a mathematical model to analyze the performance of the Social Progres Index (ScPI) in terms of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) where some parametric factors of the index are included.

Some particular trends have been recognized as a function of the linear and saturation region of the curve and it implies a second order possible behavior.

Parametrical definition is proposed considering the movement of the data in Social Development acquires in the experiments by curve inspection and reasoning by the principles of Least Mean Square method.